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for Expats

Your personal doctor when your living away from home.

Why do Expats choose RMS?

Jess, Nurse, Kenya

Jess is a pediatric nurse volunteering in a local clinic in Kenya for 2 years. She uses RMS to speak to one of our BACP trained counsellors as there are no local counsellors available where she lives. These counselling sessions help her manage stressful situations and avoid the need to end her trip early.

Kieran, Teacher, Hanoi

Rick depends on RMS to speak to a doctor whenever he feels unwell. He knows he can trust our doctors to give him sound medical advice and save him time and money from going to expensive international health clinics with substandard medical care.

What services can we offer Expats?


Access to the 24/7 Medical Advice Line


Access to the Photo Assessment Service


Access to a BACP registered Counsellor for online and telephone counselling.


Second Opinion for Overseas Medical Care

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