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Bespoke Medical Kits

What do all our Medical Kits include?

A doctor in your pocket!

All our kits include a unique account and pin number to get connected to our 24/7 medical advice line. 

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We include hydration sachets to help improve fluid uptake and loperamide to stop diarrhoea from worsening dehydration. 

First Aid

We include dressings, plasters, antiseptic liquids, sterile cleaning wipes and eye and wound wash to help clean and treat small wounds quickly.

Pain relief

We include paracetamol and ibuprofen as pain relief and anti-inflammatory medicines for aches, pains and mild fevers. 

Anti-FungAL Treatment

We include anti-fungal medications and treatments for travellers going to hot and humid environments where athlete's foot and other fungal infections are common.

Burn Treatment

We include burn gel that can be used to treat all forms of minor burns, from sunburns to scalding.

Allergic Reactions

We include antihistamine tablets for travellers to deal with allergic reactions to foods, insect bites or other environmental elements.

Skin Eruptions

We include hydrocortisone cream for insect bites, dermatitis and eczema.

Sterile Kits

We include injection kits which medical professionals can use when sterile equipment is hard to come across. 

Water Purification

We provide chlorine tablets which can be used to instantly purify water to make it more potable when you don't have access to bottled water.


We include two antibiotics, one to manage moderate to severe traveller's diarrhoea, and one broad spectrum antibiotic to deal with ear, sinus and chest infections. 

Medical Kit Review

For all of your various adventures, let our doctors help you decide what you should include in your medical kit to be fully prepared.

Whether you plan to hike to Everest base camp or visit the Peruvian Amazon, your medical kit should be reviewed to ensure you are fully prepared for whatever health risks you may encounter on your journey. 


Our doctors can review what you plan to take and will make recommendations as to what else you should include. Our doctors can also prescribe prescription-only medicines that are recommended for your trip. 

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