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Let our RMS doctors help your clients stay safe. 

Guidance and Oversight

Our medical directorship offer UK-based GMC registered doctors who can provide guidance and oversight for any medical related issues before, during and after any travels, acting as the health representative for your travel and expedition services.

Inward and Outward Facing

Our medical directors are both inward and outward facing, answering clinical questions from both expedition leaders and members, as well as external governing bodies and the press.

Managing Clinic Responsibilities

Our medical director manage the clinical responsibilities to provide the highest standard of safety during a trip including reviewing first aid kits and manuals, pre-travel vetting of all trip leaders and members, and defining any health risks for a trip.

main point of Contact in case of  Medical Emergencies

They will also sign off on all prescriptions being administered. The Medical Director will also become the main contact in emergency medical situations.

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